Laurence Robertson meets Deerhurst Walton Residents

On Friday 12th October 2018, MP Laurence Robertson and County Councillor Phil Awford met with several residents to discuss the draft Gladman Proposals for Tewkesbury.

Cllr Phil Awford stated that the Gladman proposals were not part of the JCS masterplan, or part of the Tewkesbury Borough Council Local Plan. Other sites had been identified to meet the housing shortfall which will form part of the JCS Review. This review may not be complete until Autumn 2019.

It was established that until the JCS review is complete, the county is wide open to land promoters like Gladman taking advantage. Without an adopted plan to meet the housing shortfall, the JCS and local plans could be by-passed by the government inspectors and schemes such as the Gladman proposals could get approved.

The council must complete the JCS review sooner in order to prevent the Gladman proposal. It is expected Gladman will submit a planning application in May 2019, but it was acknowledged that this could happen any time before this date.

The public are invited to the next Tewkesbury Borough Council Meeting on Monday 15 October 2018, 18:00. This meeting will cover: Joint Core Strategy: Issues and Options Consultation

Additional documents:
APPENDIX 1 JCS Issues and Options Document FINAL
APPENDIX 2 Ashchurch Masterplan – JCS Report